At Cheltenham Medical Centre, we believe health and wellbeing is achieved through a team approach. Under the guidance of our General Practitioners the team can include a range of Allied Health providers. Here at the clinic we are ably assisted by the following Allied Health professionals:

  • Mental Health Nurse: Sue White delivers ongoing care to patients with a mental illness, available by appointment only.
  • Diabetes Education:  Joan Dealy-Burrows provides patients with the information they need to better self-manage their condition, available by appointment only.

Through our sister clinic in Dingley – Interhealth Medical Clinic – we are able to offer referrals to additional Allied Health providers including a dietitian, psychologist, x-ray services, physiotherapy and podiatry.

Please contact us on 03 9584 3055 for an appointment with any of the above providers. A referral may be required so you may need to speak with your GP first.